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Service & Troubleshooting

Ferret - Machines
This precision machine is designed for minimal service despite operation in the worst imaginable environment. With time, it is normal that certain wear parts require replacement.

Since Ferret is a precision machin it has to be handled with care. Kontakta alltid Kastrup & Genberg och rådgör med oss. Vi utför alla tänkbara reparationer på Ferret maskiner och provkör maskinerna efter reparation. Det går även bra att skicka maskinerna till:

Kastrup & Genberg AB
Övre Villagatan 28 B

Piston rings can usually be replaced by users. For replacing other machine parts, special tools are required. Because of this, we advise that the machine be sent in for service.

The machine runs unevenly and sometimes stops and/or is difficult to start.

Correction action:
The piston rings and/or piston may be worn out and consequently require replacement.

The machine runs rough and sometimes stay and / or difficult to start.

Correction action:
The piston rings can be completely worn out and / or the piston can be so worn that it must be replaced.

The machine cannot be started and the piston cannot be moved in the cylinder by shahing.

Correction action:
Impact to the side of the cylinder may have caused it to become "oval". Generally, the cylinder must be replaced.