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General information on cleaning with sound

Cleaning with sound is based on the principle of using high acoustic pressure to detach deposits in boilers and filters. After a deposit detaches, it can be carried away by the gas flow and/or gravitational forces. Cleaning with sound can be used in a wide range of areas. Industrial sound emitters have been installed, for example, in power and heating plants, at foodstuff and chemical production facilities, onboard ships, etc. Kastrup & Genberg AB is a distributor for Kockum Sonics AB and markets the following types of Kockum Sonics sound emitters:


(Tyfon) industrial sound emitter with audible sound (175-360 Hz) that is powered with compressed air.


industrial sound emitter with infrasound, meaning no audible sound, at frequencies under 20 Hz. The long wavelength of infrasound makes it possible to fill very large volumes with sound. The Insonex industrial sound emitter is powered by compressed air.

Application example