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Sonoforce (Tyfon)

Troubleshooting & Service, Sonoforce (Tyfon)

This series of sound emitters is very reliable and actually has just one moving part – the membrane. For sound emitters to always provide full effect, however, they must be regularly serviced.

The sound emitter produces audibly lower acoustic effect.

Corrective action:
The membrane may be worn. Remove the cover and check the membrane.

Picture of worn membrane

Om det finns en nersliten "grav" i membranet måste membranet bytas. Byt samtidigt även packningen. Om ljudsändaren inte går bättre trots byte av membran måste lockets och husets toleranser kontrolleras (rätt mått finns i instruktionsboken). Vid eventuella frågor, kontakta Kastrup & Genberg. Om delarna måste svarvas om går det bra att skicka dem till:

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The sound emitter does not start.

Corrective action:
The sound emitter's membrane has cracked and must be replaced. Alternatively, the membrane in the solenoid valve may be damaged and require replacement.

A hissing sound is emitted from the air preparation devices filter section, alternatively, the filter section is full of liquid.

Corrective action:
The automatic drainage mechanism is not working and must be replaced. This drainage mechanism should be considered as a wear part and must be periodically replaced.

This sound emitter's membrane should be considered as a wear part and must be periodically replaced. Even if a sound emitter is functioning properly, preventive service should be performed once a year. Contact Kastrup & Genberg.

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