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Oxygen Indicator

Troubleshooting & Service

Oxygen Monitor of type OC 2010 and OC 2010 LSU has a wearing part that must be replaced periodically, the probe OS 2000 and OS 2014 LSU.

Calibration instructions for the oxygen indicator are available at another location on our website. If the oxygen indicator cannot be calibrated, i.e. the oxygen indicator's display cannot be made to display correctly after calibration, the probe likely requires replacement. The normal service life for an oxygen probe is 1–3 years, depending on fuel, etc.

If the oxygen indicator's electronics are subjected to high temperature, the components can age with time and require replacement. Feel free to contact us for advice. If the oxygen indicator needs to be sent to us for service, we will lend you an OC 2010 oxygen indicator while service is being performed so that your boiler is not operated without O2control.

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